Benefits of Styrofoam

Benefits of Styrofoam

Disposable coffee cups, cushioning material in packaging, and coolers are materials we often use in our daily lives. But seldom do we wonder what these things are made of. The Dow Chemical Company has been manufacturing since 1941 a kind of extruded polystyrene foam called Styrofoam. It is similar to thermocol and has a wide range of benefits.

Styrofoam is lightweight. Styrofoam is structured and lightweight and thus many shipping companies use it. Styrofoam is one of the lightest packaging materials in the world and the most preferred material to protect fragile items while in transit. The amount of weight Styrofoam adds to the package is nearly negligible. Thus workers can handle it with ease and employees of shipping companies can pack more boxes in a short period of time. Companies can also cut down on their shipping costs by using Styrofoam inserts and protective materials.

Styrofoam is reusable: it can be used multiple times. Companies usually keep Styrofoam stuffing, wadding peanuts, and other wrapping materials on hand in mail centers where it will be easily available when needed. There is thus no need to purchase packaging material every time a shipment goes out. Take eBay for example. Individuals selling a product on eBay usually keep the Styrofoam from products they buy, which they again reuse to protect the products they sell. This is an excellent way to make the purchase process cheaper on auction sites like eBay and

Styrofoam is versatile: as it comes in different shapes and sizes, it is very often the primary choice for different types of packages. Large blocks of Styrofoam can be cut and used to pack small items and put them in large shipping boxes. Styrofoam packing peanuts can be used to fill boxes and prevent items from moving around during shipment. In addition to its utility as a packaging material for shipments, Styrofoam can also be used to protect food items bought in the grocery store and in the refrigerator.

Styrofoam is also very attractive and makes sure that your precious materials do not get damaged.

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