Benefits Of Stem Cells

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Benefits of Stem Cells

Stem cells are manufactured in a person’s bone marrow and they have a capability of cell renewal unlike other cells. Stem cells have several uses and therefore provide numerous benefits.

1. Benefit burn patients

Burn patients usually endure large amounts of pain cause by their wounds and also the frustration from not healing in time. Rather than the donation of tissues, stem cells can be used to produce healthy new tissues. Stem cells are removed from a certain tissue and then triggered outside the body to differentiate prior to transplanting them into the victim in order to replace injured tissues. This means that a small part of the burn patient’s skin can be grown progressively, enabling physicians to cover larger burn area.

2. Test drugs

Stem cells can be used for testing new drugs where the drugs are tested on them prior to either animal or human testing. In fact, testing new drugs on these stem cells provides very accurate outcomes. For people with serious health complications, stem cells provide a vital hope for treatment.

3. Suitable alternative to transplants

Stem cells also show great potential benefits for forming tissues and cells for use in medical therapy. Presently, donated tissues and organs are usually substituted for dysfunctional or damaged ones. Regrettably, there are not enough organs for meeting the needs of patients. Stem cells provide a suitable alternative for treating diseases and could possibly lower the mortality and morbidity for people who are waiting for transplants.

4. Treat various diseases

Stem cells can be used to reverse various health conditions. For instance, an individual with heart problems could possibly have the injured tissues replaced with new and healthier muscle cells. The damage of vital brain cells in diseases like Parkinson’s disease might be hopefully reversed using by replacing these cells with healthy brain cells.

The use of stem cells in adult patients can cause tumors since the introduction of these cells in the body can cause rapid growth.

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