Benefits Of Stem Cell Research


Benefits Of Stem Cell Research

There are certain kinds of cells that have the ability to regenerate the damaged cells and tissues of the body. Stem Cell Research is aimed finding the various successful techniques for carrying out cell transplants. A stem cell has the ability to develop into other kinds of cells, like liver cells, kidney cells, heart cells etc. Stem cells circulate with the blood and carry out the task of replacing dysfunctional cells of the body, thus maintaining optimal body health naturally. Recent medical research focuses on two types of stem cells the embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells.

1.Aids in discovering new treatments for diseases.
Stem cell research offers great likelihood for discovering new treatments for curing various diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, spinal cord injuries, cancer, diabetes and many other diseases.

2.Laboratory growth of organs.
Stem cells can be used to grow limbs and organs in the laboratory and would then be used to for transplantation and treating illnesses.

3.Decrease the use of animals and humans as specimens.

Successful stem cell research will enable scientists and doctors to test and experiment millions of drugs and medicines, without using animals and human beings as specimens and testers. This calls for a process of creating the effect of the drugs on a definite group of cells. Later study of these will help to the find the success rate of the drugs on these cells and eventually on the human population.

4.Reduced embryonic disorders.
Stem cell research helps to study the various developmental stages in the human embryo which cannot be studied otherwise. These sometimes result in major clinical consequences like birth defects, infertility and pregnancy loss. Scientists will be able to carry out a more comprehensive understanding about the phases of normal embryonic development that will ultimately facilitate the prevention, reduction or treatment of anomalous human development.

5.Reduced effects of ageing.
Stem cell research has the benefit of holding the answer to undo the effects of aging and helps in improving the length of our lives. Stem cell research has found treatments to slowdown the aging process.

6.Easy acceptance of cells.
The use of adult stem cells for treatment of a disease has an additional advantage. The patient’s own cells are used for treatment and the body easily recognizes and accepts its own cells. This reduces the risk of rejection of the new cells by the body.
Muscle and brain stem cells with replacement cells have already been discovered. These would helps to regenerate any cells lost due to injury or disease and will automatically fill the empty space. Stem cell research and its results are very promising for the coming future. But there is still a need of extensive research for bringing the best benefits of it to life of human beings.

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