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Climbing stairs is a hard exercise, for which most of the people avoid taking the stairs and coaches from all across the world makes their athletes walk up and down stadium steps. Stairmaster is a stair steeper machine which allows the user to mimic the climbing motion on the stairs without heading for the stadium. Stairmaster is a pioneer brand, which can not only help us to reduce our belly fat but also aids in reducing our overall body weight within a few months. It has been a proven fact that 30 min of workout on the Stairmaster burns approximately more than 223 calories of energy, which can be signified as a good start for our fat loss regime. Stairmaster also helps us in building muscles which is just another reason as to why this fitness machine is preferred and used by several health conscious sportsmen and individuals all across the globe.

Some of the major benefits of using the Stairmaster fitness machine are:

Helps in performing lower body workout along with low impact aerobic

There are many people who shy away from doing exercises because of age or injury that can debar them from doing strenuous exercises that are needed for improving their fitness and health. Stairmaster is a mechanical fitness device that promotes smooth and low impact motions that prevents injury to the joints in our body. The pushing and climbing resistances that this machine uses makes very good lower body workouts for people of all age groups along with cardio-workout that keeps our heart in proper shape.

Helps in doing core workouts

Stairmaster is an excellent machine that not only focuses on lower body muscles but also facilitates core workout that improves our balance. Core workout are exercises that helps in posture rectification and spine alignments which alleviates back pain. It also makes walking up a flight of steps lot easier, and so is an effective exercise for people of all ages, especially for the older generations.

It provides far better exercise than climbing stairs

As stairs cannot provide us with a variety of resistances that is found in the Stairmaster workout machine, Stairmaster promotes fat loss and muscle fitness in a more scientific and clinically approved method than walking up and down on traditional stairs.

Helps in avoiding downhill injuries

It is an obvious fact that in order to exercise on regular stairs once one climbs up the stairs one needs to come down from the top to start the exercise once again. As it is often said that running down a hill creates high impact on our knees which it also happens while we come down the stairs. Practicing on Stairmaster machine, helps us in avoiding hip, ankle and knee injuries as one do not have to climb down the steps while working with this machine.

Builds strength

Stairmaster’s climbing motion strengthens the muscles of our front thigh (Quadriceps), back thigh (Hamstrings), buttock (Gluteus maximus) and calve muscles all at the same time and so if one of the best workout machines for strengthening all our major lower body muscle groups.

Although Stairmaster is not a cheap equipment, but people with knee or back problems who cannot use the treadmills often finds Stairmaster more comfortable for their daily exercise regime.

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