Benefits Of SSD Drives

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Benefits of SSD Drives

Solid State Drives or SSD drives are computer hard drives that enable portable computing. These hard drives use a similar kind of technology to the common flash drives that are plugged directly into USB ports. Whereas flash drives are made to be used externally on a computer system, SSD hard drives are designed to stay inside computers, as a substitute to conventional hard drives. Using SSD drives offers these advantages;

1. Lower power usage
The reduced power usage makes SSD drives better suited for portable computers. As there is absolutely no power being drawn for running the motors, an SSD drive uses less energy as contrasted to standard hard drives. While the computer industry has undertaken steps for addressing this matter with creation of hybrid drives, but these new drives still consume more power. Hence, the SSD will always draw lesser power than both hybrid and conventional drives.

2. Quicker data access
Quicker data access with SSD drives is bound to make computer users happy. Because this drive does not require spinning or moving drive heads, data is read from it near instantly. A recent demonstration of two similar outfitted computers displayed an approximately 20% increase in speed with regards to booting XP using a SSD as contrasted to a customary hard drive. The quicker data access also makes multitasking easier.

3. Highly reliable
Reliability is among the major factors that developers consider when making portable drives. Traditional drive platters come fitted with sensitive and fragile movements. As such, even the smallest of movements from a certain impact may cause the disk to become completely unreadable. Because SSD drives normally store all their data in its memory chips, this means less moving parts that can be damaged during any kind of impact.

Just like most new computer technologies, a major limiting factor that hinders the use of SSD drives in desktop computers and notebooks is cost. In fact, the price of this drive is approximately similar to the whole computer that it could be fitted to.

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