Benefits of squirrels

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Benefits of squirrels

Squirrels refer to a family of many animal rodents that can commonly be found in various parts of the US, and countries in South America, Eurasia, and parts of Africa. Squirrels may be of the flying, ground, or tree varieties. Chipmunks and prairie dogs are also part of the squirrel family. Some people enjoy having squirrels around in their backyard, others meanwhile are annoyed by their presence. Not many people know that squirrels actually provide various benefits to the environment or the entire life ecosystem. These benefits are:

1. Soil health

Ground squirrels are known to dig deep in the soil to bury their food and to create temporary shelter. This regular activity basically helps to aerate the soil and make it healthy for some plants to grow and thrive. Squirrels are also known to break up various tree branches, leaves, and nuts and these are all scattered to the ground making the soil always healthy with nutrients.

2. Plant survival

With the squirrels always climbing up trees and digging on the ground, they also help to spread the growth of plants and trees. Many of them feast on various fruit nuts and these are spread along a large area for food storage. Some of these nuts will eventually be forgotten and so giving them a chance to grow and become plants or trees.

3. Shelter for another animals

Squirrels on the ground dig holes that are big enough for other animals to live in. Those that dwell in trees also carve out tunnels for their own shelter. Once the squirrels leave their own shelter, other tree-dwelling animals may take their place and enjoy their stay in the tree.

Some squirrels may be considered a nuisance to people’s homes or gardens, but they actually play a significant role in the whole ecosystem. Many animal experts even refer to squirrels as nature’s hardworking gardeners because they help in the growth and survival of various plant and tree species. Squirrels also serve to eliminate smaller animals like pest and insects.

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