Benefits Of Sprouted Bread

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Sprouted bread comes from sprouted grains which are considered healthier and more nutrient-rich. Regular grains are likened as generic seeds that can be planted for growth. Sprouted grains meanwhile are those grains that have already begun “sprouting” but not fully grown yet. The process of sprouting involves starch digestion from inside the seed which allows for the shoot to break the outer shell. When the sprouting process is complete, less starch will be left in the seed but it will have higher nutrient content making the grain ideal for health reasons. Using sprouted grain to produce sprouted bread is said to be very beneficial because of the following reasons:

  1. More protein content

The process of sprouting in the seeds or kernels will basically ensure that more protein is retained in the grain. When sprouted grains are used, the resulting bread after baking will also retain more nutrients like protein. For people who are health-conscious, the increase in protein content in sprouted bread is a big deal because this specific nutrient is essential for satiation. Protein-rich foods are considered more satiating and therefore people will feel fuller for longer periods with sprouted breads. Protein is also an essential nutrient for muscle building and development.

  1. Lower fat content

Sprouted bread also contains less fat compared to white or processed bread. The same sprouting process basically uses up the starch and fat content in the seed while retaining most of the protein. Less starch will simply result to less fat content for sprouted grains that are used in making sprouted bread. With this benefit, more and more people have opted to consume sprouted bread for health reasons.

  1. Less gluten content

Some people are very sensitive with the gluten compound that is found in many bread products. For those who have mild allergies to gluten, sprouted bread may be a great alternative to enjoy bread without having to worry about allergic reactions. This is for the simple reason that sprouted bread have significantly less gluten content compared to white breads. Sprouted breads may still not be consumed by those with Celiac disease but they can be enjoyed by those with very minimal gluten-related allergic reactions.

  1. Easy digestibility

Sprouted grains that are used to make sprouted bread are considered pre-digested in terms of the starch content. The sprouting process will have already broken down the starch or carbohydrate content of every sprouted seed into simple sugars that are easier to digest. When food items are easier to digest, people will encounter no gut problems like constipation among others.

Sprouted bread is also classified as whole-grain breads because of its high-fiber and high-nutrient content. The sprouting process differentiates them from regular whole wheat bread and more of the nutrients are retained making them extra healthier. Sprouted and whole grain bread products are commonly recommended by health experts over white breads which underwent a refining process. The more refined breads are, the more nutrients and fiber will also be stripped off. To get the most health benefits, sprouted breads are great choices for any person.

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