Benefits Of Spinach

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Benefits Of Spinach

spinachSpinach is one of the most widely distributed green vegetable affordable by all. Spinach contains vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, niacin, folate, and traces of other vitamins. Other vital elements, like riboflavin and thiamine, are found in spinach. These are used in different biochemical reactions in the human body. Spinach has rich contents of pigments such as chlorophyllin, beta carotene, xanthene and lutein. The low quantities of fats and fatty contents make spinach a very healthy food for our body. The wide range of benefits that spinach offers to our body include:

1.Improves eyesight

Spinach contains rich quantities of beta carotene, xanthene and lutein. All these pigments are favorable for eyesight. Cooked spinach supplies Beta carotene to the eyes. Spinach prevents the individuals from diseases related to the deficiency of vitamin A, eye ulcers, itching eyes, and dry eyes.

2.Reduces blood pressure
Spinach contains high quantities of potassium and low quantities of sodium. The balanced quantities of these minerals are highly beneficial for patients of high blood pressure. This is because potassium reduces and sodium increases the blood pressure. Spinach contains a chemical substance known as Folate. This helps to reduce hypertension and lighten up the blood vessels, thus maintaining appropriate blood flow.

3.Acts as an antioxidant
Spinach contains high amounts of flavonoidsÂ’ that act asÂ’ antioxidants. These protect the body from the negative effects of free radicals that are released as a result of various metabolic reactions occurring in the body all the time. Research has shown the presence of 13 flavonoid compounds in spinach which behave like anti-cancer substances.

4.Helps to prevent atherosclerosis and heart attack
Hardening of arteries causes a disease known as Atherosclerosis. Spinach contains a pigment lutein that reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. This prevents people from fatal diseases like heart attack and stroke. Proteins present in spinach reduce the fat deposits and levels of cholesterol in blood vessels.

5.Helps to strengthen bones.

Spinach contains good quantities of Vitamin K and minerals like copper, manganese, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Vitamin K helps in retaining calcium inside the bone matrix, thus leading to proper bone mineralization. Minerals present I spinach help to build up strong bones. Thus sufficient quantities of spinach prevent individuals from diseases like osteoporosis of bones.

6.Helps in proper fetal development.
The proper growth and development of nervous system in the foetus takes place only if sufficient quantities of Folate reach it through the mother. Spinach contains a lot of this substance and should be consumed in high quantities. Vitamin A present in spinach helps in lung development of the growing fetus.

Spinach is one of the versatile and affordable green vegetable and is available everywhere. The low calorie content, low fat and cholesterol free make it an excellent food for people suffering from obesity and high blood pressure. It is a rich source of iron and is thus used in the body for the production of hemoglobin. So people of all ages should increase their consumption of spinach.

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