Benefits Of Spin Class

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Benefits of Spin Class

Spin class entails performing spinning workouts, which are great cardiovascular exercises. This class usually involves exercising on a stationary bicycle where you can increase or reduce tension. The lapsed time and mileage is recorded by a mini computer, with the heart rate and calories burned tracked using a low priced heart monitor. The following are health benefits attained through exercising in a spin class.

1. Weight loss

Once you get used to this exercise, it is likely that you are going to notice positive changes in your weight. Most people have used spin classes to effectively lose weight within a short period. Actually, exercising on the spinning cycle can burn over 500 calories. Other cardiovascular equipment cannot assist you to burn a similar amount of calories in only one session. Longer workouts in a spin class burn from 900 to 1,100 calories, thereby promoting weight loss.

2. Boosts cardiovascular health

The spinning exercise is majorly an anaerobic workout and it pulls energy from all your reserves so as to build up your endurance over extended periods. However, spinning also has aerobic benefits. Most spin classes include both cardiovascular and endurance training throughout the workouts. You might be needed to speed up at some points to enhance your heartbeat rate. This enhances both the lung capacity and heart health as well. As you exercise in a spin class, you will also learn good techniques of breathing, which can assist you to deal better with anxiety.

3. Low impact exercise

A spin class aids people with injuries as it makes sure that no pressure is placed on your feet and knees. This enables people to exercise effectively without worrying about aggravating their injuries.

Even though a spin class provides a good cardiovascular exercise, there is limited use of the upper body and thus it should be combined with other exercises for more gains.

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