Benefits of spearmint tea

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Benefits of spearmint tea

Spearmint is a flowering plant that is usually cultivated to make tea. ‘ In some cases, the flowers are also used to get oil extracts. ‘ These extracts are commonly used in bath products and perfumes. ‘ Those that are grown to make tea meanwhile are either used as fresh or dried depending on people’s preferences. ‘ Drinking spearmint tea is also said to provide various benefits including the following:

1. Good source of nutrients

As with other tea variants, spearmint tea is known to provide essential nutrients including lots of vitamins and minerals. ‘ A cup of spearmint tea can boost one’s immune system with significant amounts of Vitamin C, folate, calcium, and niacin among many others. The best thing about spearmint tea is that it contains no caffeine making it a great alternative to other tea variants and coffee.

2. Treats various gastro-intestinal disorders

Drinking spearmint tea can also relieve problems related to the intestines and the stomach. ‘ Many people get relief from drinking this tea if they experience indigestion or stomach pain. ‘ The oil content of spearmint tea is considered the one responsible for the soothing effect on the gastro-intestinal tract.

3. Reduces stress levels

Spearmint tea is also associated with lowering stress levels and therefore makes people calmer and more relaxed. ‘ Drinking this tea is said to stimulate one’s feel-good hormones and therefore improves overall mood.

4. ‘ Treatment for coughs and colds

The nutrients in spearmint tea are also able to help people with coughs and colds. ‘ It specifically acts to dissolve mucus that may have formed from the nose down to the pharynx. ‘ With less mucus, there will also be less restriction in the airways and faster healing will occur.

Spearmint tea is also readily available in many grocery stores in many parts of the world. ‘ Some prefer to spice up the flavor by adding lemon for example. ‘ In whatever preparation though, spearmint tea will be able to provide its various health benefits.

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