Benefits Of Spaying and Neutering

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Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering are important animal practices that should be considered by all pet owners. Spaying involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries of female pets, while neutering involves taking out the testicles of male pets. These two practices greatly enhance an animal’s behavior and they require minimal hospitalization. Read on to discover the advantages of spaying and neutering.

1. Saves money
Paying for a pet’s neuter or spay surgery is much cheaper as compared to the expense of owning and looking after a litter. Similarly, it is also cheaper than the high price of treatment that you will need to pay when your pet escapes and starts fighting other stray pets. In addition, spaying and neutering are relatively low cost procedures that can be performed by any veterinary surgeon.

2. Benefits the community
Since spayed and neutered animals will not give birth to more animals, it lowers the amount of stray animals in the community. Stray animals are a major problem in many regions of the nation. They can frighten children, cause accidents and also destroy local wildlife. Neutering and spaying is actually the best method of lowering the amount of unwanted animals on our streets.

3. Prevents pet roaming
Intact male pets will do almost anything so as to locate mates. Some of the unwanted actions that such pets may do include digging under your fence so as to escape and start looking for a mate. Once they start roaming, animals risk injury in both fights and also in traffic. By spaying and neutering pets, they no longer have the urge of roaming and thus lower likelihood of injury. In addition, most aggression problems are easily avoidable through early neutering practices.

However, spaying and neutering can cause obesity as it alters the way a pet’s metabolism works and also how hormones are manufactured.

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