Benefits Of Space Program

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Benefits of Space Program

For decades vast resources have been expended, as well as energy and talent into space exploration. Despite of high costs, space programs in different nations have produced significant rewards with regards to technology. In fact, a number of technological advancements are as a result of space exploration. Satellite television and cellular phones are some of the notable achievements enjoyed by many. This article aims at highlighting the benefits of space program.

1. Technology advancement
In most homes, you’ll come across technology created for or as a result of space exploration. In the early 1970s, the fire detector was developed by Honeywell. Decker and black cordless tools, on the other hand were developed for the Apollo program. This simply shows you that space programs directly or indirectly influence technological changes.

2. National security
The NASA program has become quite important when it comes to matters of national security. Satellites, for instance are one essential aspect developed by the US during the Gulf war. They were used to provide allied nations with vital information about remote sensing, troop navigation, movement, as well as warning of impeding missile attacks.

3. Economic benefits
The early 1950s was marked by economic uprising in the U.S. This economic upsurge was attributed to the close race between the U.S.S.R and the U.S. Space related industries were created, which in turn employed thousands of workers. Many experts agree that space development could have significant benefits.

4. Social and technological benefits
So far NASA has invented useful technologies that benefit the society one way or the other. These include construction of artificial body organs, infrared cameras, prosthesis materials and rescue tools. Satellite television and cellular phones are also remarkable discoveries that result from space exploration.

Only developed countries have space programs since they require vast resources and manpower, as well as expertise.

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