Benefits Of South Beach Diet

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Benefits of South Beach Diet

A popular diet used in weight loss by many Americans, the South Beach diet was created by a cardiologist called Dr. Arthur Agatston in 2003. This diet involves three main phases where the user is supposed to eliminate all carbohydrates, while slowly reintroducing good carbohydrates. Other than promoting weight loss, the South Beach diet offers several advantages as deliberated below.

1. Lessens carbohydrate cravings
Through using the South Beach diet, it is possible to lessen your cravings for carbohydrates. Different from other low carbohydrate diets, carbs are normally reintroduced in little quantities following the completion of the initial phase of this particular diet. Most individuals who do not cope well with low carb nutrition can thereby use the South Beach diet, without any problems.

2. Promotes healthy eating
When the South Beach diet is properly followed, the dieter normally has fewer problems concerning eating bad foods. It actually corrects a person’s eating patterns as well as encouraging proper life-long eating habits. Furthermore, it is nutritionally balanced with a host of varying nutrients that are needed by the body.

3. Different recipes
Since the South Beach diet comprises of different ingredients, users can delight in several delicious recipes. This may be new and beneficial for some people, thereby enhancing the experience and food taste. The South Beach diet eliminates the need of sacrificing tasty foods, which is linked to many diets.

4. Medically proven
A major appealing advantage of using the South Beach diet is that it is clinically tested and developed under strict medical supervision. It eliminates the adverse effects associated with using other ineffective diet plans. The three main phases included in this diet promote a healthy and well-functioning body.
The highly demanding nature of the South Beach diet is its main downside. It is impossible for most individuals to live without eating pasta, fruits and grains for 2 weeks.

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