Benefits of Sod

Benefits of Sod

Sod is the mature lawn that is grown professionally and then transferred in large rolls or patches. Sod installation is the best option for repairing badly spoiled lawns. It usually comes with roots and soil that help it establish after a very short while once you apply water and pressure.

1. Prevents erosion

Since sod is mature once it is put in, it instantly controls soil erosion. Sod is installed on hills and also on slopes to offer stabilization. A lawn helps to filter dust and dirt from the environment and also remove mud. Furthermore, sod assists to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus keeping air fresh and clean around the house.

2. Less maintenance

Sod lawns demand less maintenance after you first installation. Planting your lawn from start requires lots of observation for a whole year to ensure your lawn grows properly. A sod retailer offers you a mature lawn which has undergone the growing process. The sod holds well on an incline even during rainy weather, while seeds might not.

3. Environmentally friendly

Sod requires lesser post-planting watering compared to grass. This helps saves water, which is cheaper than watering seeded lawns. Furthermore, the absence of weeds requires less use of chemicals and herbicides in the environment.

4. Reduces surrounding temperature

Lawns lessen the temperature that surrounds your house or building site through acting like a means for natural cooling. Furthermore, sod lawn owners benefit from the enhanced production of oxygen. Sod not only absorbs the surrounding temperature but it also reduces noise as well.

5. Enhances value

Adding sod to your lawn adds 20% to the overall value of the home. It is the best surface for relaxing and playing sports. Nothing beats a sod lawn for an outside surface.

In general, sod is the simplest way of establishing a lawn, since it uses less amounts of water for establishment.

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