Benefits Of Smaller Class Sizes

Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes

While it might seem that learning in smaller classes would enable the teacher to provide individual attention to every student, in truth, small class sizes may not be suitable for students. Nevertheless, they still have their share of advantages as well as disadvantages. First let’s discuss some of the benefits of smaller classes.

1. Sense of pride

The main advantage that exists in small class sizes is obviously a sense and attitude of self worth, as well as personal involvement from teachers, administrators, teachers, community residents and students. Smaller class sizes encourage one-on-one attention to ensure every child has the opportunity to excel in class, as well in extra-curricular activities.

2. Improves sense of belonging

Smaller class sizes promote personal interaction, which is vital in the learning process. Students are able to get the support they need from teachers. In addition to that, every child is given an opportunity to participate actively in class.

3. Boosts morale

Morale among learners is often higher in schools with smaller classes, for instance private schools have fewer students than public schools, which means that students are able to participate in organizations and clubs as well as in plays and athletes. Therefore, students become motivated to develop their skills in a wider diversity of conditions. Often, teachers encourage every child to contribute to projects, which in turn boosts their self-esteem.

4. Better co-operation

Since smaller classes encourage one-on-one attention, teachers acknowledge that some students require individual needs and hence work towards resolving any difficulties they may have in class. Furthermore, student can interact more informally with their teachers and with one another.

5. Fewer administrative regulations

Smaller classes are manageable and often there are fewer regulations, not to mention the fact that scheduling is flexible.

Smaller classes often lack diversity because they are quite homogenous in nature, thus students are not able to enjoy the many benefits that come with diversity.

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