Benefits Of Sleeping on the Floor

Benefits of Sleeping on the Floor

An average person usually sleeps about 9 hours per day. If you have chronic back pain, ever considered changing your sleeping style? Most people use soft mattresses since they are comfortable, but are they really good for your back? To answer these questions, read on and find out the many benefits of sleeping on the floor.

1. Reduces back problems

Even though most folks assume that a soft mattress can ease back pain, this is a mere misconception. Soft mattresses do not offer any form of support and can lead to poor posture and back pain. Therefore, if you have chronic back pain, sleeping on a mat will provide the needed support to help relieve back pain once and for all.

2. Prevents sleeplessness
When you spend sleepless night’s day in day out, why not try sleeping on the floor? This is a great way to help you fall asleep quickly. For instance, if you have arthritis and back problem, sleeping difficulty is inevitable. With that said, sleeping on the floor can help reduce sleeplessness.

3. Better posture
During sleep, the pituitary gland secretes growth hormone which is then distributed in the body. Its primary function is to lengthen and thicken the bones. Therefore, sleeping on the floor will strengthen your spine. In other words, sleeping on the floor gives you the much needed resistance for better posture, healthy circulation and optimal breathing.

4. Eliminates premature aging signs
Studies show that sleeping on the floor can prevent the development of wrinkles, as well as sagging face. With that said, you can try sleeping on the floor, but when you find it challenging, learn to persevere so that you can reap full benefits.
Sleeping on the floor is uncomfortable in the initial stages. Therefore, perseverance is a prerequisite from your part in order to reap maximum benefits.

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  1. Who wrote the studies that you describe in your article, how big and random was the sample size, and when was this study done. This seems to be just a personal opinion piece.


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