Benefits Of Skim Milk

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Benefits of Skim Milk

Skim milk contains about 0.5% of milk fat and it is manufactured through removing high amounts of fat found in whole milk. It is usually preferred by most people due to its nutritional worth. The benefits of skim milk consumption range from controlling weight to muscle development and staying healthy. Below are more health benefits of skim milk.

1. Nutrition benefits

Even though the fat in milk has been eliminated, a glass of skim milk usually contains high amounts of nutrients in comparison with whole milk. Fat reduction creates space for many more nutrients in every serving. One glass of this skim milk generally comprises higher amounts of calcium, potassium and protein than other kinds of milk.

2. Enhances endurance

Skim milk has extra protein and this is beneficial to bodybuilders and also people who are under lots of physical strain. The reason is that skim milk provides the body casein protein that is known for taking a couple of hours to break down and digest. This particular property preserves and strengthens muscles after extended use. In fact, some people opt to drink skim milk before sleeping as it provides the body nutrients during long stretches of time when there is limited or no consumption of food.

3. Vitamins

In general, milk is usually credited like an excellent vitamin source. Whole milk contains high amounts of vitamins D and A that help improve bone structure and eyesight. When fat is removed, most of the vitamins are lost. Many manufactures usually add these vital vitamins artificially to skim milk. The final milk product has similar vitamin content like whole milk, with additional benefits of less fat and fewer calories.

The elimination of fat from milk through heating eliminates live enzymes and inhibits its digestibility. Conversely, raw milk is easily digested since its live enzymes assist the body assimilate vitamins.

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