Benefits Of Six Sigma Certification

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma certification advantages are both intangible and tangible. Intangible advantages may be in customer loyalty and enhanced employee motivation, with tangible benefits including enhanced stock value and greater earnings. Implementing this corporate strategy designed for establishing and ensuring high quality business practices is thereby beneficial to any business. Read on if you desire to know benefits of Six Sigma certification.

1. Promote customer satisfaction
Six Sigma certification encourages more focus on customers and their needs, which help make sure that the customer is always satisfied. This is established through finding out what the consumers experience following the purchase and use of a certain company’s products. Actually, Six Sigma certification emphasizes the need of not only meeting, but also exceeding the customer’s needs. Enhanced customer satisfaction usually results in loyalty.

2. Improves earnings
Through setting clear goals for both employees and management, Six Sigma certification allows for better earnings. It also stresses the need for efficiency, thereby leading to fewer errors and enhanced production. In fact, through Six Sigma certification, a company can easily reduce its running costs, while streamlining the corporate and company processes.

3. Increases motivation
Another important Six Sigma certification advantage is that it establishes employee and managerial strategies to enhance corporate performance. Furthermore, it places more emphasis on strong leadership, thereby fostering strong corporate unity. Through undertaking the training and certification process, employees play active roles in Six Sigma. This increases employee morale by giving them common goals, which can be achieved easily through collaboration.

4. Enhances shareholder value
Six Sigma certification improves the shareholder value through increasing revenues and also customer satisfaction. This is essentially the end result gotten from improved managerial, financial and corporate strategies.
The demerit of Six Sigma certification is that it demands that employees go through lots of training to become certified and it occurs over several months. In certain environments, this is impossible.

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