Benefits Of Sitting on the Floor

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Benefits of Sitting on the Floor

For most people, sitting more than 10 hours typing is part of their daily routine. Nonetheless, sitting in front of the computer day in day out may pose health risks, as it can cause eye strain and backache. On the other hand, sitting on the floor or performing floor exercises can go along way in improving your posture. More importantly, you can keep your body in good shape to prevent the onset of diseases.

1. Improves breathing
You can perform the plank yoga pose while seated as it is great for butt toning and improved core strength. During the commercial break, sit on your hands over the floor in a straight line and take deep breaths. Maintain this position for a few minutes, relax and start all over again.

2. Better circulation
For frequent movie watchers, it is now possible to exercise and keep your body active as you enjoy your favorite movie – without the use of expensive equipment. There are a variety of yoga poses that you can do while sitting on the floor in your bedroom. The best thing about yoga it is low impact, which means you don’t require any form of expertise. For this reason, you can perform sitting on the floor exercises for better circulation, as well as blood distribution.

3. Treats back pain
While seated on the floor, lift both legs and bend your knees. With your arms stretched out, lower your back to the floor slowly. Repeat the exercise several times and take a 3 minutes break. This exercise is great for people experiencing back pain.

4. Good for stretching
If you wake up feeling tired and achy simply perform pull ups while seated on the floor. You can do several repetitions to loosen up. This is also a good way to avoid spasmodic bone jarring movements when performing intensive exercise.
Sitting on the floor may be uncomfortable for most people.

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