Benefits of siping tires

Benefits of siping tires

Tire siping is a process that creates cuts on rubber tires. This particular method was discovered in the past by John Sipe who first made cuts on the rubber soles of his shoes to be able to navigate the slippery floors of the slaughterhouse he worked for. ‘ His idea was then applied to the tires of vehicles because it provides benefits like:

1. ‘ More tire grip

Through tire siping, the surface of rubber tires are divided into smaller parts called tread blocks. ‘ These tread blocks have slices and cuts between them making it possible for more rubber contact on the road. ‘ Even though the tread block surfaces are smaller, the siping or cuts in between provide for increased vehicle traction. ‘ As with the shoes on slippery floors, tires that underwent siping also get more grip on the road making the vehicle safer.

2. ‘ Smoother drive

The improved tire grip because of tire siping also contributes to the overall smoothness of the drive. ‘ This is especially true for roads with uneven surfaces. The tires perform as the initial shock-absorbers of the road bumps and with the cuts on the surface, tires can adjust better to the rough road surfaces resulting to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

3. ‘ Cooler tires

Tire siping results to generally cooler tires because of the spaces in between the tread blocks. ‘ These spaces act like air pockets that can cool-off tires after a long drive. ‘ With the cooling effect of siping, tires will also last longer.

Tire siping can be done manually using special tools or through machines depending on one’s preference and skills. ‘ For better results, some people prefer having their tires siped at tire shops and factories. ‘ The regular driver may not necessarily feel the need to have his tires siped, but as for many driving enthusiasts and race car drivers for example, tire siping is needed for a faster and more efficient drive.

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