Benefits Of Silver

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Benefits of Silver

Colloidal silver refers to an immune and anti-microbial system improving supplement that provides silver to the body. It not only promotes health as a substitute for drugs, but it is also a safe disinfectant. The benefits of silver are countless and the following are some of them.

1. Anti-bacterial effects

Silver is an efficient bacterial killer. In fact, it has better antibiotic properties than any pharmaceutical drug and it does not leave any mutations behind. Extensive research done on this particular subject suggested that silver was highly effective in destroying over 600 bacteria in only five minutes in very low concentrations. In addition, silver inhibits the respiratory systems of various yeasts, mold and fungi. It can be topically applied both inside as well as outside the house for safely eliminating these pathogens.

2. Eliminates parasites

Silver has anti-parasitic properties and it works through attacking bacteria during their stages of egg production. Silver nanoparticles join together with cell membranes of the single-cell bacteria and inhibit their respiration. This makes it a good option for gardening, household disinfection, livestock and pet disinfection as well as human health. Silver is also useful for guarding against the contamination of people by various animal parasitic infections.

3. Strengthens immune system

Since colloidal silver offers the body a vital trace mineral that possesses the above-mentioned anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties, it strengthens the immune function. This action has a helpful effect on a person’s overall health. People who use colloidal silver have reported an increase in their overall health as well as better resistance to viruses and bacteria. Moreover, silver is effective against complications that are linked with the malfunction of a person’s immune system including lupus and chronic fatigue.

A key drawback of silver is that people who are sensitive to it cannot experience its numerous health benefits.

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