Benefits Of School Sports

Benefits of School Sports

Participation of children in sports at school plays a role in their growth and development. By incorporating extra-curricular activities in the curriculum, children are given the opportunity to participate in sporting activities like basketball, hockey, and football just to mention but a few. Read on to learn the common benefits of school sports.

1. Its fun

Playing any type of sport is fun, as it helps children learn the importance of teamwork in regards to achieving a common goal. Children also have the opportunity to interact with their friends who share the same interests, improving their social skills.

2. Inculcates discipline

Sports instill discipline in children which is beneficial in their future endeavors. They learn the importance of setting goals and then working towards achieving those goals. By doing so, they learn that working hard is they only way to attain what they want.

3. Children learn life skills

Children who participate in sports at school learn that disappointments are part of life. Therefore, they learn how to handle defeat in a sober manner. This is a great life skill that will help them develop confidence and self-esteem.

4. Success in academics

Studies show that children who participate in sports at a tender age are likely to excel in their studies. Statistics also show significant improvement in science and mathematics, since sports improve mental ability. Additionally, children develop better flexibility, endurance, coordination, agility, strength and speed.

5. Develops motor skills

Strategic thinking, motor skills and math are mastered by playing sports. Children develop improved thinking as they find the best opportunity to score in a football match. On the other hand, they use their math skills to calculate stats and scores.

6. Reduces drug abuse

Children involved in sports realize the destructive effects of drug abuse. Moreover, participating in sports keeps them occupied.

Participating is school sports is time consuming, especially in the 180 year school calendar. This means the curriculum is not completed in due course.

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