Benefits Of Sandalwood

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Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood oil is got after wood pieces from seasoned Sandal trees have been steam distilled. This oil is known for its soothing and warm aroma that can assist you to calm your mind. Sandalwood oil has been synonymous with many religious ceremonies and it is also said to have potent medicinal effects. Here are the benefits of sandalwood oil.

1. Provides relaxation
Since sandalwood oil has a pleasant smell and cools the skin, it is extensively used in aromatherapy, massage therapy and various other meditative activities. It is regarded as a mild sedative and it might stimulate feelings of peacefulness, making it beneficial for stress relief. Furthermore, sandalwood oil is also used for emergency relief in cases of panic attacks as well as any other cases of sudden and extreme stress.

2. Skin care
As a key ingredient in most skin care and beauty products, sandalwood oil soothes irritated skin. In fact, direct topical application of this oil onto the skin has a cooling sensation, which is effective for dealing with problems like acne, eczema, rashes and sunburns. When mixed with other herbs like tumeric and neem, sandalwood oil can extract toxins found on the skin surface.

3. Digestive benefits
Sandalwood encourages the production of gastric juices in the stomach, which eases nausea and other digestive problems. It also stimulates urine production and thus assists to eliminate excess liquids and toxins from a person’s body. Sandalwood’s antiseptic effects assist in fighting any infections within the digestive system.

4. Expectorant
Like an effective expectorant, sandalwood oil is particularly efficient in curing coughs. In addition, it also combats the viral infection responsible for causing mumps, cold and other common respiratory problems.

While sandalwood oil is safe to use, it is not advisable to be applied raw on the skin as it might cause extra irritation. You should dilute sandalwood with any other oil like baby oil or olive oil before applying onto sensitive skin.

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