Benefits Of Salad

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Benefits of Salad

Consuming a salad daily provides many benefits to the body. Actually, this is the healthiest and simplest food habit that any person can start and commit to. Being very simple to make, salads bring us closer to the daily recommended servings of vegetables and fruits. You can add your desired fat free dressings and still get the following health benefits of consuming salads.

1. Provides fiber
A major salad advantage is that it helps to enhance fiber intake. Consuming salads offer the body lots of fiber, which guards against constipation and lowers cholesterol. The fiber present in salads assists people to feel fuller and thus eat less. This is especially helpful for those looking to shed some weight. Because salads are quite satisfying, consuming one before your main meal will lessen the amount of calories that you eventually consume. A lower calorie intake due to the fiber content also encourages weight loss.

2. Suitable alternative
Studies have portrayed that most Americans nowadays do not consume the healthy recommended daily servings of vegetables and fruits. Regular consumption of a salad offers a suitable alternative of getting vegetables and fruits, which are filled with many nutrients that contribute to healthy bodies.

3. Antioxidants
If you regularly consume green salads, you are likely to have higher levels of blood with various powerful antioxidants. Vegetables contain important antioxidants like vitamin C, lycopene, beta carotene and folic acid that prevent free radical damage. Antioxidants are also beneficial in guarding against premature ageing.

4. Good fat
Through consuming salads, you are actually enhancing your good fat consumption. This is done through incorporating avocado, nuts or olive oil into your salad. This helps the body to better absorb phytochemicals into the body.
Salads have little disadvantages other than that they can be messy to prepare and take up lots of time.

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