Benefits of Sabbath rest


Benefits of Sabbath rest

Sabbath day is considered a day of rest for many religious sectors across the globe. For’ some people, Sabbath is celebrated on the sixth day of the week which is Saturday while’ others consider Sunday as Sabbath day. No matter which day is considered the Sabbath,’ basically all people know that this particular day is intended for rest as commanded by God’ in the scriptures. For many religious people, keeping the Sabbath holy and literally resting’ on this particular day can provide the following benefits:

1. Physical rest

The Lord’s commandment about the Sabbath literally relates to resting from any kind of’ work and dedicating a special day for the family and worship activities. If people really’ take time off from doing their usual everyday activities, they will get to be physically’ rejuvenated. If all things in the physical world are set aside and one will celebrate Sabbath
by resting, his/her body will ultimately gain from it and become healthier.

2. Spiritual rest

Sabbath rest is also associated with the day of worship for many religious people. For most’ people, keeping the Sabbath holy and respecting the Lord’s wishes means that they at least’ spend the day praying and glorifying God. With this practice, one’s spirituality will also be’ enhanced and this will contribute to a more restful feeling and thinking.

3. Closer relationship with God

Resting on Sabbath involves a regular practice of worship and praying during Saturday’ or Sunday. With this routine, people will also develop a closer relationship with the Lord.’ Praying may be done alone or with a group in church and either way is a great means’ to communicate with one’s inner soul and with the Divine Being. Having this kind of
relationship with God will also translate to a better understanding of things an improved’ tolerance and acceptance of other people.

Sabbath rest is very important for many people around the world because of the various’ benefits including those mentioned above. For some people, Sabbath rest is the perfect’ time to detach themselves from so-called Earthly things and instead focus on their real’ purpose in life which is to serve the Lord.

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  1. jackie

    April 26, 2015 7:36 am

    Good article. Correction needs to be made though. Saturday is the seventh day. Saturday is the Sabbath day.

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