Benefits of running

jogging_runBenefits of running

Ever since Bill Bowerman brought the principle of jogging from New Zealand to the United States back in the sixties of the twentieth century, running as a form of fitness training, weight loss exercise and overall popular workout program component at any pace has invaded the minds of the general population. Realistically, as children all people run, because running is a part of the playful existence, a favorite game, an often performed activity that requires no further explanation or reason to be executed. When adolescence sets in, somehow the fun disappears out of the exercise and gradually people stop to run for fun. But the benefits of running simply cannot be discarded and at some point, every single person faces the return to the running exercise, with various success rates.

1. Running is a great exercise, it is as simple as that. Nevertheless, it cannot be that simple, can it? Running, as an athletic discipline, seems to be all about speed and endurance. The discipline exists since ancient days, even the original Olympic Games in Greece had running on its roster. If it is only a great exercise, it would mean only it helps you lose weight, which is not all there is.

2. The benefits of running include also the improvement of overall cardiovascular health. It has been observed that running can increase the levels of HDL, the high-density lipoprotein, which helps in transporting cholesterol through the blood stream.

3. While weight loss is in current times a very desired goal, the benefits of running not only help you shed your stored fat, but also increase the lean muscle mass and strengthen the skeletal bone structure with improved bone mass. There are not many exercises that exist, which address so many muscles and joints.

4. Endorphin secretion in runners is elevated, creating something that is commonly referred to as “the runner’s rush‒, a state of natural exhilaration. Running is therefore being used in therapy for people with addiction problems as well as clinical depression.

5. Several studies have shown that physical exercise, in this case running, may have a role in the aging process. British scientists have discovered that cells of people who are active in sports and exercise appear younger on a molecular level. Some American researchers have even concluded that physical activity, exercise and running may slow down certain ageing disabilities and even slow down the whole deterioration process associated with ageing. In certain cases some reversal of the ageing process has been observed, when elderly picked up exercising and running.

Running is a wholly natural locomotion capability that is being underused by many. Obesity would not be one of the biggest problems of current times, if people would only continue with running, once they enter adolescence. While the benefits of running are manifold, there
are certain downsides that should be considered. Running can be pretty hard on the joints, particularly when overweight and obese people pick it up. Chuffing and blisters are pretty common with runners as well and asthma sufferers may experience breathing trouble.

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