Benefits Of Running In The Cold

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The cold weather is not the most ideal scenario for most people who want to take a quick run or jog outside. Getting up in a cold winter morning is even a difficult thing to do and doing some exercise outdoors seems a gigantic task. There are also some people who are reluctant to do some running activities when the temperature is cold outside because of safety reasons. Some are concerned about road safety issues while others worry about their bodies in terms of being able to withstand the cold weather. Not many people may know it, but running outdoors during the cold winter months may actually provide various benefits. People who choose to brave the cold and run outdoors simply need to suit up with the most appropriate clothing to get the following benefits:

  1. More calories are burned

Running in the cold actually helps burn more calories compared to the same activity done indoors or during warmer months. The cold weather basically requires the body to work harder to achieve optimal temperature for efficient functioning.

  1. Less taxing on the body

Running activities done during the winter months is actually beneficial to the body in terms of energy and stress. The warm and humid summer months will actually create more stress to the body because of the high temperatures. In cold weather, it will literally be less taxing to the body because of the low temperatures. Many exercise experts even promote running and exercising in the cold weather because the conditions would be more ideal and less taxing to the body.

  1. Prevention of weight gain

The cold winter weather is a common excuse for people to get lazy and stay indoors. Some people also eat a whole lot when it’s cold outside and when there seems nothing else to do. Other people meanwhile resort to watching TV all day or sleeping for longer periods. With these activities, the body’s metabolism will also slow down and eventually result to weight gain during the cold winter months. When running is done despite the cold weather, possible weight gain may be prevented.

  1. Good cardiovascular exercise

Running outdoors in cold weather is also good exercise for the heart. When the temperatures are freezing and low, the body’s metabolism will also slow down and the only way to promote a healthy balance is to do some exercise like running.

  1. Promote a good sense of well-being

Having depression or a sad mood are common during the winter months. These feelings may often be dismissed as often psychological but there are also physiological changes in the body that lead to people feeling down during the cold winter months. To counter the bad vibes, doing some running in the cold will also help to lift spirits up and make people happier.

Running activities basically help the body become healthy and strong regardless if is done indoors or outdoors. The additional incentive given by the cold weather is the extra work needed by the body to counter the freezing temperatures. With this extra incentive, people will not only become healthier but also happier.

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