Benefits Of Rules

Benefits of Rules

Rules are normally laid down like a governing guide for action or conduct. There are various rules set up for various societies and situations. For instance, the rules for governing an educational institution are different from the ones used in sports like cricket or football. For whichever reason rules are set up, they offer significant benefits as shown below.

1. Create stability
The main reason why rules are usually introduced is so as to have stability and order in the society. If every person was allowed to do as they wanted, then we would probably have riots, killing, murder, rape and killing without any consequences. The presence of rules prevents such cases from happening through placing heavy consequences on any person who commits any crimes.

2. Encourage monogamy
Currently, an individual is only permitted to marry one wife at a time. The marriage rules dictate that if you want to marry another person, you ought to divorce the one you are currently married to. If such rules never existed, some people would have many wives and this is not such a huge benefit for the females.

3. Promote safety
Rules are useful for keeping people safe. For instance, crossing the road against a red light may get you run over. In addition, stopping at an indicated Stop sign signifies to the other people that they can safely cross the road. Police also assist to keep order in the society by reinforcing the set rules.

4. Create discipline
Through setting up rules and laws for governing the society, discipline is encouraged. People will require adhering strictly to the rules and this promotes harmony within the society. Actually, rules are created for our protection and happiness.
However, the shortcoming of creating rules is that if they are too many, then they might result in no freedom of expression or speech.

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