Benefits of RTI

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Benefits of RTI

Response to intervention, commonly known as RTI is a program designed for students with special needs. However, the program does not have set guidelines but expectations often vary from district to district and even state to state, most not following a procedure, no clarifications of how to implement the program.

1. Treats learning disabilities

Is your kid struggling with schoolwork? If they have learning disability, you should consider the response to intervention program. It uses tier system to provide services to children with disabilities, and problem solving skills to determine the best interventions for learners and monitors them regularly to check whether they are improving, behaviorally and academically.

2. Identifies students with disabilities
So, what makes this system stand out from the others? Well, the system focuses on identifying students with learning disability. However, this does not necessarily mean that the disabilities were not known in the past, some students don’t require special attention. For instance, new English learners often appear to have learning disability but catch up over time. Therefore, teachers create authentic chances to ensure they attend the needs of every student.

3. Classify every student’s strengths
Response to interventions aims at identifying every student’s strength and weakness, so that they can pinpoint the best strategies that can work efficiently in line with the specific needs of each student. By using multiple strategies, teachers can find effective ways of improving student’s performance, both academically and behaviorally.

4. Target the specific disability
Some students need more instructions than others. Ideally, teachers set aside time every day to attend to a child’s specific needs. Nonetheless, most institutions lack the resources and time for this, which means that teachers have to use their own free time to provide additional instructions and interventions.
Despite having numerous benefits, RTI also has potential disadvantages. It is not efficient in the initial stages of implementation.

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