Benefits Of RSS

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Benefits of RSS

Really Simple Syndication or RSS is an XML feed that is delivered to subscribers informing the new web content or new blog posts. People can subscribe to RSS feeds using various options including email, Google Reader and Microsoft Outlook among many other readers. RSS feeds are great methods of communication and they can provide your business huge benefits, especially with regards to internet marketing. Below are benefits of RSS.

1. Better page rank

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo really like new content. If your site is updated frequently, then it will be speedily promoted resulting in a higher page rank. You can utilize the RSS to update your blogs, articles and other web content. Using RSS, your firm can be displayed on many external sites and thus it provides a great advertising method.

2. Customizable

With RSS, visitors have the opportunity of getting personalized services with regards to the content. This gives users control of both the type and flow of data they get. Visitors can therefore subscribe to the contents they are really interested in such as job listings and real estates, based on their needs and interests.

3. Simplifies content updates

Web contents relating to your business or organization can be automatically updated daily or even hourly using RSS. Internet users are going to receive updates immediately they are posted like new products as well as other business-linked releases.

4. Increases traffic

RSS encourages more people to visit your website. Once the subscribers read your summary, which is about one or two lines, those who find it interesting will definitely click the link back to the website. If your desire is to market your subscription, then you require using an attractive and huge RSS icon in order to attract users’ attention.

Nevertheless, most users prefer getting email updates instead of receiving RSS feeds.

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