Benefits Of Rowing

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Benefits of Rowing

Rowing is basically the method used to propel a boat through using oars. These days, there are even rowing machines available that you could possibly make use of to get the benefits of rowing.

1. Effective workout

Rowing offers an effective workout since it allows a person to exercise the main muscle groups. These include the legs, arms, abdominal muscles and back. It is also very simple to learn rowing and it does not even require training. In fact, most health clubs and gyms comprise rowing machines in their workout equipment due to the effectiveness of rowing.

2. Assists weight loss

Rowing is a very beneficial addition to any weight loss program. If properly performed, rowing can be easily done for a long time, offering an aerobic exercise that effectively burns fat. In addition, rowing is also adjustable in order to cater for other demands. For instance, you can increase your tempo so as to move your body into the anaerobic state, which increases metabolism and assists to sustain fat burning even once the workout is complete.

3. Cardiovascular benefits

The lungs and the heart can benefit greatly from regular rowing. Sessions of fifteen minutes are going to boost the heart through enhancing blood flow. Lung capacity also improves with an increase in tempo and it offers a healthy exercise for the respiratory system.

4. Builds muscles

Rowing offers the muscles an effective exercise. Light rowing assists in toning muscles and increasing resistance can assist you in building muscles. The motion of pulling used during rowing effectively works the chest, arms and abs and also back muscles. The reverse motion works muscles present in the lower body including hips and legs.

The common injury that usually occurs during rowing is back strain. It is caused when a person goes very fast and thus it is advisable to begin rowing slowly.

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