Benefits Of Routers

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Benefits of Routers

If you want to access high speed internet for business or personal use, a router is a convenient way to connect multiple devices. You should consider a number of options before buying a router, for example do you need a dual router or a single band. Though most people prefer single-band routers, dual-band routers indeed provide an array of important benefits.

1. Supports multiple devices
Let’s say you have an Ethernet router that supports three to five devices, it makes sense to get an additional router to connect multiple computers to your network. This also enables to use hybrid network connection. For example, if you want to add Wi-Fi devices to your network, simply makes a wireless connection using the second router.

2. Convenient
A wireless connection is convenient since it can extend to far away networks/ devices. Moreover, it supports network isolation particularly when you utilize the routers between multiple devices (such as LAN gaming, or file transfers. By installing those devices to the primary router, network traffic will not affect the devices attached to the secondary router.

3. Separate internet use
A high band router enables you to perform a number of tasks on multiple devices, such as streaming music and movies, as well as browsing and checking mail. In other words, you can efficiently browse online, while simultaneously streaming movies without experiencing network traffic.

4. Easy file sharing
A router also facilitates high speed communication essential for tasks such as streaming video and sharing files within the network. While they don’t provide a 5-GHz band, technology experts agree this is a convenient way for streaming and sharing media files as well as gaming.

Despite allowing you to connect several devices at greater internet speeds, they don’t have reliable signal strength especially when you want to connect several devices.

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