Benefits Of Rose water

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Benefits of Rose water

Rose water is derived from the beautiful rose flower. It was extremely popular in the 8th century and was used as a commercial item. It contains essential role oil known for its cosmetic and healing properties. Read on to learn some of the benefits you can reap from rose water.

1. Skin health

Rose water has proven to be useful in regards to skin care and is widely used in face masks and cosmetic creams. It not only helps to cleanse your skin, but also plays a role in the purification process. Moreover, it help tone and balance the skin, preventing the development of premature aging signs like blackheads, chubby cheeks, skin blemish and acne. It also helps in treating sunburns and wounds.

2. Treats dandruffs

It is commonly used as a hair conditioner and is the main ingredient in almost all cosmetic products. If you happen to have dry scalp or dandruff, apply rose water regularly to reap its amazing hair benefits. Additionally, in promote new hair growth, reduces inflammation, and increase circulation of blood in the scalp.

3. Combats stress and fatigue

In addition to maintaining skin health, rose water bath help relieve fatigue as it has a relaxing effect. It also reduces depression and improve mood in stressful situations. Research further indicates that rose water is beneficial for treating sore throat.

4. Prevents eye disorders

Rose water is soothing for fatigued and tired eyes. Therefore, folks who spend most of their time on computers should use rose water in form of eye drops. It also help in relieving paining gums, removes bad breath and strengthen loose teeth.

5. Relieves headache

You can also apply a cold towel of rose water to help relieve chronic headache. However, make sure you consult a doctor when the pain persists.
If you have allergies or skin disease, consult your doctor before using rose water to avoid skin irritation and other complications.

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