Benefits Of Rope Skipping

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Benefits of Rope Skipping

Rope skipping is a very enjoyable activity that comes with loads of advantages. It can be performed anywhere and it can burn many calories. Most serious athletes and health conscious people perform rope skipping so as to obtain various benefits. In fact, adding rope skipping to your exercise routine is an enjoyable way of staying in shape and also getting these benefits;

1. Enhances coordination

Rope skipping is an effective aerobic workout that enhances heart rate and also assists with coordination and balance. Since you require timing your jump in accordance with the passing rope, this exercise may help enhance your timing. This can vastly enhance performance in some sports like tennis, boxing, wrestling and boxing.

2. Cheap

Jumping a rope to your favorite music is an exciting method of burning calories in contrast with the normal gym visit. In addition, a good jump rope can be inexpensively bought from any sporting goods shop, normally for under $10. Instead of spending lots of money on a costly gym membership each month, you can purchase a skipping rope and receive a cardio exercise at home.

3. Low impact

People who experience pain in their legs following running on hard surfaces like concrete are advised to try rope skipping. To ensure that rope skipping is kept very low impact; experts suggest that it is done on a wooden or padded floor. Moreover, it is better to use training shoes that have a proper support when you engage in rope skipping.

4. Requires less time

An efficient rope skipping workout can be done in a very short time. Actually, you can burn close to 100 calories in only 10 minutes. Rope skipping can be performed by a whole family and it is not age or gender specific.

The only rope skipping drawback is that you can experience shin splints, particularly if you perform the exercise for a long time.

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