Benefits Of Rolled Oats

Benefits of Rolled Oats

Rolled oats are popular amongst people who like the texture and taste of the old-fashioned oatmeal in the morning. Oat grains, which are used to make rolled oats, have tougher outer hulls that are removed, enabling the grains’ interior to undergo steam treatment for further softening them. After, steam treatment, grains are run through the oat roller and thus create rolled oats. Below are examples of benefits of rolled oats.

1. Lower cholesterol
Rolled oats make a great addition to any healthy diet . Taking oatmeal that has been made using rolled oats aids in lowering cholesterol in blood. For individuals with diabetes or those in pre-diabetic conditions, rolled oats offer a healthier alternative in contrast with other processed cereals. Comprising of significant beta glucan amounts, rolled oats usually assist in regulating blood sugar and therefore prevents the spikes in glucose levels.

2. Antioxidant effects
Rolled oats possess vital antioxidant effects that aid in improving the body’s defense by combating various pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Consumption of rolled oats rids an individual’s body of harmful toxins that usually accumulate over time. That is why rolled oats are recommended for individuals undergoing detoxification from alcohol or other drugs.

3. Carbohydrate source
Bodybuilders get most of their carbohydrates from intake of rolled oats. This muscle building meal is also nutritious as it contains low fat content and high fiber content. Since rolled oats provide carbohydrate slowly, they are perfect for muscle building. The continuous provision of energy during the day through rolled oats intake ensures optimum levels of blood sugar.

4. Digestive benefits
The digestion process is slowed down following rolled oats consumption. This is due to the absorption of water by the fiber content of this particular meal. This may assist you easily manage your weight.

The steaming process in rolled oats products causes a huge loss of important nutrients and it also enhances the time needed for cooking.

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