Benefits Of Rock Salt Lamps

Benefits of Rock Salt Lamps

Rock salt lamps are made when light bulbs are inserted into chunks of salt rock that have been carved out. As soon as the source of lite is placed in the hollow part, the light then shines through the salt rock. This light can be of varying colors based on the variety of salt rock that is used. There are numerous benefits of rock salt lamps as discussed below.

1. Versatile
Rock salt lamps can blend in great with any kind of color that you might have in your home. They actually make nice-looking pieces that you can place on a coffee table or lamp table. Most people prefer placing them on their night stands so that they can gain the advantages of these kinds of lamps while sleeping. Furthermore, the muted or dull light provided by rock salt lamps can act like a nightlight, for use by senior citizens and children.

2. Eliminate unpleasant odors
As soon as the salt present in this kind of lighting is heated by either a candle or light bulb, it is thought to release beneficial negative ions to the air. The negative ions assist in cleaning the air in the room and eradicate unpleasant odors. An abundance of negative ions is common around the mountains and the sea and that is why such areas always have healthy and clean air.

3. Ionize air
Through ionizing air, rock salt lamps easily eliminate most of the harmful toxins linked to polluted air. Air ionization also helps to remove dust particles in the air, further making it cleaner. Similar to air cleansers and ionic air purifiers, rock salt lamps release the negative ions to the air, which the cling onto the toxins and dust particles. This action makes the toxins heavier and thus they fall to the ground, leaving the air cleaner.
Rock salt lamps also have certain disadvantages such that they can easily break and the dull light that they offer is not sufficient for reading.

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