Benefits of Restorative Yoga

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Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga refers to a more gentle yoga form that utilizes props for encouraging a good relaxation state. Through supporting your body with blankets, block or bolsters, you can easily relax each body part. Restorative yoga assists in relieving the harmful stress effects and encourages greater health.

1. Relieves depression

Research shows restorative yoga gives cancer patients better health and an enhanced viewpoint on life. Patients with cancer who took part in a restorative yoga workout for more than 2 months reported a significant reduction in depression. Most people experience elevated levels of distress and stress due to cancer. However, restorative yoga assists to lessen anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

2. Enhances sleep quality

Restorative yoga also enhances sleep quality, which helps to lessen fatigue. A study done on patients who were suffering with fatigue and sleep problems helped to prove the beneficial effects of restorative yoga. Participants were supposed to perform restorative yoga twice every week. This included breathing exercises and meditation as well. After one month, they reported better sleep and experienced less fatigue. In contrast, people who did not perform restorative yoga demonstrated poor sleep quality along with greater fatigue.

3. Treats metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is the condition that enhances the likelihood of getting cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke. Research was carried out on 30 overweight and underactive adults who showed indications of getting metabolic syndrome. This condition is characterized by increased insulin levels, elevated blood pressure, too much body fat and unhealthy cholesterol levels. The people who took part in regular restorative yoga sessions over a two month period demonstrated lessened blood pressure and a general improvement in health.

Restorative yoga also causes an increase in overall energy levels within the body. It is a great addition to any physical therapy session due to its low impact nature.

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