Benefits of respect

Benefits of respect

Respect is manner or feeling of esteem given to a person, group, or organization. ‘ It relates to one’s positive ethics and attitude towards other people and entities.  Actions or words spoken that are considered positive and that show kindness and give honor are considered respectful. ‘ People around the world have been taught since childhood to respect people and things around them regardless of who or what they are. Giving respect provides the following benefits:

1. Gaining of respect

The best benefit of giving respect is getting it back from other people. ‘ As many people would point out, respect is not something that people ask for but rather given. ‘ To be able to earn the respect of others, one must also show respect to them.  This is a basic lesson in life and this is taught by parents and school teachers to kids for them to grow up having a positive feeling towards others despite many differences.

2. Gaining of friends

Being respectful to other people’s views, opinions, preferences, and choices makes it easier for one person to gain friends. ‘ Respect is the ultimate requirement in any relationship especially to friendship. ‘ If people respect others despite their differences, then they can become friends easily.

3. Achievement of happiness

When one is respectful of others, he/she is more likely to be tolerant and accepting of people’s differences.  People will also be able to avoid conflicts and confrontations if they are able to respect the views and beliefs of others.  By being able to live in harmony with other people and things, one will achieve more contentment, inner peace, and happiness.

Giving respect to people and/or entities give so much benefit not only to the person involved but also to the other people surrounding him/her.  Friends and family for example may learn from one person who may seem happier in life by simply being able to show respect to other people.

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