Benefits Of Replication

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Benefits of Replication

Replication refers to the practice of information sharing in order to ascertain consistency across redundant resources like hardware or software components. Key benefits associated with replication include an improvement in various areas like reliability, accessibility and fault tolerance. Other replication benefits are discussed below.

1. Enhances resource availability
Replication offers a huge advantage of marking and tolerating failures within the network graciously. The system therefore remains available and operational to the end uses despite failures. Through replicating vital data on your servers with independent failure ones, the likelihood that one data copy will be available increases. Thus, alternate copies of replicated data will be used if the main copy is inaccessible.

2. Increases scalability
When a shared document has several users, having all demands for the document serviced by one file server may lead to poor performance because of file server overloading. Replication allows the document to be replication on several servers. This ensures that the same access demands are serviced quickly and efficiently because the workload is distributed across multiple servers. This translates in improved scalability.

3. Improves network
One way by which replication improves your network is by lowering network traffic. Besides this, replication also allows several user demands to one file to be dealt with in parallel using different services, leading to enhanced system throughout. In fact, a system that utilizes replication has the capability of supporting portable or detachable machines.

4. Saves money
Small businesses are advised to begin using replication so as to enjoy its money saving benefits. In fact, adopting an established practice through using replication results in lower than 2% of the normal program development expenses. Moreover, because redundant information is also contained within the system, it allows better recovery from huge failures. This saves the cost linked to repairing such failures.

The only shortcoming of replication is that it is time consuming. Building new replicas from scratch can take lots of time and it might not be possible for large projects.

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