Benefits Of Remote Sensing

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Benefits of Remote Sensing

Remote sensing offers a unique method of data collection as it does not rely on already available data only. Actually, remote sensing information can be changed to useful data through using either digital or analog image processing methods. The main benefits linked to remote sensing include the high speed through which data is got from large parts of the world and also the fact that inaccessible regions can be investigated using this method.

1. Accessibility
A key remote sensing benefit is that it allows researchers to collect important information when manual work is impractical. There are some regions such as foreign and mountainous areas that are generally inaccessible. Remote sensing thereby provides an alternative to the costly ground survey that would have otherwise been performed.

2. Low cost
Remote sensing, particularly when performed from space, does not cost lots of money. Its great financial effectiveness can allow loads of data collection from many regions of the world. This is because price will not be an issue. Furthermore, its cost effectiveness can be displayed in the following way. Since fieldwork will not be needed when undertaking remote sensing, many users can come together to share the collected data.

3. Saves time
Remote sensing also offers time conservation benefits. This is achieved with the quick gathering of information about large areas. These techniques thereby save the efforts and time of humans. In addition, remote sensing also saves time associated with doing regular fieldwork duties as everything is automated.

4. Repetition
Remote sensing offers current information due to its satellites. These satellites generally offer recurring coverage of various parts of the earth. This temporal data is vital when researching landscape dynamics and analyzing any changes to the landscape.

Simply put, remote sensing facilitates researchers to study how various landscapes relate to one another. This assists in delineating the required phenomena and features.

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