Benefits of Remarriage

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Benefits of Remarriage

Remarriage occurs once an earlier marriage has ended, either through widowhood or divorce. Some people have a higher likelihood than others to remarry. The likelihood differs based on gender, age, race and many other facts. Marriage is believed to confer both physical and mental benefits. Remarrying is one way of getting these benefits.

1. Physical benefits

Remarriage can soothe and sometimes remove the off-putting effects of marriage disruption caused by divorce. The negative effect associated with marital disruption includes things like enhanced susceptibility to chronic conditions like heart complication and diabetes. Individuals who have recently experienced marital disruptions also experience mobility limitations, which is a difficulty in walking for long distances or simply climbing stairs. Even though that is vital to note that it can be hard to specifically determine causality, remarriage helps prevent the negative impacts associated with marital disruption. That is why remarried couples are more relaxed and less likely to get heart complications and diabetes.

2. Mental benefits

In general, individuals who remarry benefit from reduced levels of symptoms of depression as compared to people who lost their partners and stay single. In fact, men are the most benefited people from remarriage as they have lesser levels of depressive indications than the remarried women. The difference in mental benefits between single and remarried women appears to be caused by the great differences in social support and economic resources. Research also shows that healthy women were more probable to remarry, subsequently increasing their overall health and experience less anxiety. Additionally, even when considering social support, health and economic resources, it is said that remarried men experience lesser depressive symptoms as compared to single men. The rate of depression in remarried men is actually so low.

The demerit of remarrying after marital separation is that divorce is much more prevalent and also happens more quickly.

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