Benefits Of Religion

religion300Benefits Of Religion

Religion can be defined as a strong belief in the supernatural power that holds the sole authority to control human destiny. It is an institution that helps to express our belief in a heavenly power. Religion is as old as the human civilization and came into existence when the human brain became superior to realize the significance of faith, and worship. Earlier humans lived in small groups, and each group recognized an icon that harmonized the ideologies of different people in the group. Rituals were an essential part of lives and were carried for natural resources icons such as moon, sun, fire, river, etc. since its beginning religion has been very beneficial for humans and it still holds an important place in the lives of people. The many benefits of religion include:

1.Helps in spiritual growth.
Religion helps in the spiritual growth of a person. Their beliefs in the supernatural are strengthened and confirmed. Exploration of spirituality results in the personal growth of the followers.

2.Aids in better mental health.
Religion aids to improve the mental health of a person. It results in the general mental well being of the followers. It helps in the reinforcement of beliefs which in turn is good for mental health.

3.Provides a medium for friendship.
Congregation members of any religion enter into wonderful friendships that last for their lifetime.

4.Improves creative skills.
Religion helps in building creative and artistic skills of the followers through prayer and music. Congregational members participate in choir and decorate the place for various religious celebrations.

5.Improves a person’s strength for adverse conditions.
The faith a person holds in ones religion gives him the strength to struggle with obstacles. Religion thus helps to improve the strength of a person and makes him a better person.

6.Religion helps to sympathize people in grief.
Religion helps people who are lonely and suffering from grief. The faith of many people has increased in religion after the loss of their loved one. At the time of sadness and loneliness religion can play an important role in offering sympathy to a person.

7.Improves the physical health.
Religious beliefs help to improve the physical well being of a person. There have been cases where physically unwell people have regained health after they became followers of a particular religion.

Religion is a completely personal choice and should be left to the choice of individuals. It is unfair to force a religion on followers of some other religion through offering gifts and cash. Each religion has its own beliefs and ideologies and should be mutually respected by others in the world. Only then this world can become a better place to live.

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  1. We always follow a heavenly power. It is “divine” management. this is because it advances our need for care. God with his great knowledge imparts a service to us. How important are our souls in the world!


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