Benefits of Rejuvelac

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Benefits of Rejuvelac

Rejuvelac is a liquid that is a product of fermentation process that involves various types of grain soaked in water. ‘ Grains like barley, buckwheat, millet, oats, rice, and rye may be used in this fermented liquid along with wheat berries. ‘ The Rejuvelac liquid formula has been already used in ancient times and by the people of today for the following benefits:

1. Good bacteria

Rejuvelac is sometimes referred to as the original pro-biotics drink since it contains the good kind of bacteria that helps keep the digestive system healthy and strong. ‘ The stomach and the colon will benefit in the sense that food will be easier to digest with lactobacillus or the friendly bacteria around.

2. ‘ Vitamin and mineral content

As a drink, Rejuvelac contains various nutrients that are essential for the body’s various functions and processes. ‘ Vitamins B, C, and E are present in Rejuvelac along with other essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, and phosphates. ‘ All these nutrients basically boosts the immune system and makes the body healthier overall.

3. Better digestion

Rejuvelac is a known health drink when it comes to the digestive system. ‘ Its nutrients will help eliminate toxins in the digestive tract and will help people have a smoother and easier digestion. ‘ Waste materials in various parts of the digestive tract are easily removed by regular consumption of Rejuvelac.

4. Anti-inflammatory benefit

Regular consumption of rejuvelac is also said to help lessen any inflammatory processes that occur in some parts of the body. ‘ This is especially true for inflammation that occurs in the intestines. ‘ Through its lactobacilli content, Rejuvelac is able to ease the inflammatory process.

To get the most from Rejuvelac, people can use the sprouted grains involved in the fermentation procedure for about two or three times. ‘ This simply means that sprouted grains are recyclable and still contains nutrients even after the third use.

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