Benefits of reetha powder

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Benefits of reetha powder

Reetha powder is also known as aritha powder and it is sourced from the dried fruit of the same name. ‘ Some people also refer to reetha powder as soapnut powder. ‘ One active ingredient found in reetha powder is called saponin, a chemical that is widely used for its foaming properties. ‘ This is the reason why reetha powder is a common ingredient in various cleansing products. ‘ The following are the benefits that people can get from using reetha powder or products that contain this natural ingredient:

1. Promotes healthy hair

The saponin content of reetha powder is what makes it a common ingredient in various hair cleansing products like shampoos. ‘ Reetha powder is said to help nourish the hair making it healthy, clean, and smooth. ‘ Mixed with other ingredients, reetha powder in hair products could also help treat lice and other hair-related problems.

2. Cleanses the skin

As a natural cleansing agent, reetha powder is also commonly found in skin washes and lotions. ‘ And since this powder is sourced from nature, the cleansing effect is gentle enough so as not to irritate the skin. ‘ This is especially good for people who have very sensitive skin. ‘ Another good thing about reetha powder is that it has minimal scent which is ideal for people who don’t necessarily want too much odor after cleansing their skin.

3. Cleanses other items

With its cleansing property, many people also use reetha powder in washing various items including clothes and jewelry for example. ‘ Reetha powder is also gentle enough for delicate clothing items so people need not worry about damage. ‘ As for jewelry, reetha powder helps restore the shine and luster in some jewelry pieces or even household ornaments.

Reetha powder is one of many ingredients in various cleansing products of today. ‘ Oftentimes, this ingredient is mixed with other substance and chemicals to promote a better cleansing action and for more nutrient value.

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