Benefits of red grapes

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Red grapes doesn’t necessarily always mean that these grapes are cultivated for producing the world’s best wines. There are approximately 200 kinds of red grapes found all across the globe. These wide varieties of grapes, which are named red globe, emperor, cardinal, flame seedless and others are fruits those that have numerous benefits pertaining to skin care, hair and health.

Red grapes contains marginally lesser calories than their green counterparts. Red grapes are used for making grape juice, jams and red wine or for raw consumption as these grapes are a rich source for Vitamin A, B6 and C. Red grapes also contains minerals and essential nutrients like iron, potassium, calcium, folates, phosphorous, magnesium, selenium and others. The flavonoids present in these grapes are extremely powerful antioxidants that helps in protecting our health, skin and our eyes.

Some of the major benefits found in eating red grapes are:

Antiaging properties

The seed and skin of the red grapes contains a certain chemical known as resveratrol, which controls the aging process and also rejuvenates our skin.

Antibacterial and antiviral properties

Red grapes contains ingredients which protects our body from several infections. It has been clinically tested that red grapes has antiviral properties that can help us to fight against diseases like polio and herpes simplex, when consumed regularly over a prolonged period of time.

Benefits the skin

Red grapes contains many useful antioxidants in its seeds that are useful in repairing of our collagens. These antioxidants present in red grapes are more powerful than Vitamin E and Vitamin C which are generally administered artificially for repairing the collagen forming activities on our skin.

Helps in reducing kidney disorders

The red grapes are highly useful for reducing uric acid in our circulatory system, which helps in better functioning of our kidneys. It also helps in cleaning our urinary track.

Improves vision

Red grapes are a rich source of extremely essential antioxidants that helps in blocking certain enzymes that degenerates our ocular tissues. Hence these grapes are often recommended for consumption by physicians for people who have problems with their eyesight.

Benefits the cardiovascular system

Resveratrol and the flavonoids that are present in red grapes is best known for their abilities in preventing heart diseases. It is the same reason as to why there are lesser incidents of cardiac ailments in France which is famous for the cultivation and consumption of red wine and red grapes. Red grape juice contains antioxidants such as Polyphenols, which helps in lowering the risk of having high levels of cholesterols in our body that causes heart related diseases.

Controls cancer

Resveratrol present in red grapes is also known for its beneficial effects on controlling cancer. It is also a substance that helps in protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Of late, patients undergoing cancer therapy are fed with red grape juice, in order to protect their bodies from the negative effects of radiation therapy which is done for the treatment of this disease.

Apart from this red grapes also helps in reducing and controlling our body weight as it is an excellent fruit that prevents obesity.

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