Benefits Of Recumbent Exercise Bike

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Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bike

The recumbent exercise bike has numerous advantages to the user, including providing a great cardiovascular exercise. Recumbent bikes are beneficial to beginners since they are low impact and easy to use. Experienced gym members can benefit from the variable intensity and unique position of this bike. Here is a look at more benefits of using the recumbent exercise bike.

1. Safety benefits

The recumbent exercise bike provides a safer substitute to standing cardio workout machines like treadmills. Furthermore, distractions are also less troublesome when using this particular bike since there is very low likelihood of falling or tripping. This feature usually enables the user to multitask when working out, which can lead to a more enjoyable exercise.

2. Improved comfort

The seating position of the recumbent bike enables for a better weight distribution in comparison to the upright stationary bicycle. This kind of seating takes pressure of the gluteal regions as well as assisting to avoid blood vessel compression there. Pressure placed on wrists and hands is also alleviated when making use of the recumbent exercise bike since you do not require leaning on the handlebars. This relaxed hand position may benefit people with shoulder or neck pain.

3. Versatile

Due to the versatility of recumbent exercise bikes, both experts and beginners can use them. An individual who is new to exercising can ride using little resistance at comfortable speeds and then slowly increase the resistance with time. Experienced exercisers are able to customize the exercise intensity through the addition of resistance and also keeping constant speeds, allowing for a more intense workout.

4. Low impact workout.

The recumbent bike offers muscle strengthening benefits without placing unwanted stress on a person’s joints. Such a low impact workout is great for those with arthritis or knee pain.

The shortcoming of the recumbent exercise bike is that it tends to be larger and bulkier than the upright bikes.

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    March 7, 2011 6:25 am

    As you do cycling on your exercise bike, you heart pumps intensively. It helps to clear the veins that serve as the path of oxygen and blood to the heart. It is also one of the best exercises for those who want to lose weights.

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