Benefits Of Recess

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Benefits of Recess

Recess simply refers to the time set aside for break either in class or at parliament. In a school setting, recess time provide students with an opportunity to engage in extra-curricular activities. Additionally, children learn how to interact with others, which is an important life skill. Studies have shown that children who engage in sporting activities during recess time perform better in class.

1. Prevents obesity

Recess time provide a wide range of benefits and may help reduce childhood obesity. Statistics have shown an alarming increase in obesity, caused by unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and leading sedentary lifestyle to mention but a few. Therefore, recess time at school is important so that children have ample time to participate in extra-curricular activities.

2. Health benefits

Although most institutions emphasis the importance of physical education, most children are not able to get enough play time, and exercise for that matter from these classes alone. Moreover, some institutions lack the facilities, motivation, or time to engage in extra-curricular activities after school. Therefore, recess time provide student with an opportunity to exercise, as well as enough time to play.

3. Develops Social skills

During recess, student can interact outside the classroom without the supervision imposed in class. By doing so, they learn essential social skills like communication, sharing and patience, all which play a role in their physical, and mental growth. Although children occasionally get injuries when playing, the injuries are often minor.

4. Better performance

Research has shown a link between physical exercise and brain improvement. Children who participate in physical activity during recess time show improvement in class work. Therefore, recess time can increase their academic score, despite spending less amount of time on studies.
By participating in physical activities and sports, children become worn out and therefore may not be able to concentrate in class after recess.

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