Benefits of Reading to Children

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Benefits of Reading to Children

At infancy, children are not interested in learning, or reading for that matter. They are not able to construct sentences, develop alphabets and then read them aloud. Until a kid develops confidence in reading, it’s difficult to teach him/ her how to read fluently. Therefore, you have to narrate poems and stories to your children so that they understand alphabets and sounds.

1. Improves language skills

To ensure your child understand alphabets and sounds, it is your responsibility to teach him/ her at home by narrating poems and stories out loud. It is important that your kid master linguistic abilities to enable him learn how to read. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your child.

2. Correct pronunciation

Reading text out loud to your child will help him/ her master the correct pronunciation, which is vital in the learning process. By doing so, your child will master the confidence to express his opinion when participating in elocution or debate. If you make it a habit to narrate stories aloud, the child will emulate how you pronounce the words. For this reason, reading activities are emphasized in schools to help children learn pronunciation.

3. Children develop listening skills

Reading to children will help improve their listening skills, which not only improve their grasping power but their hearing ability as well. If your kid is not able to understand alphabets, try to read aloud poetries and nursery rhymes everyday. This will help him master the alphabet and sound and you can tell whether your child is improving or not.

4. Concentration power

Reading activities are very effective in regards to improving your child’s concentration. This is very beneficial when the child goes to elementary school. Reading aloud is a great way to enhance their memory, which helps improve their attention in class.

Although there are many benefits of reading to children, it requires patient and commitment from your part. Therefore, read narratives to your child everyday to ensure he/she is able to understand the alphabet.

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