Benefits Of Raw Almonds

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Benefits of Raw Almonds

Raw almonds are very tasty and also packed with many beneficial nutrients. Eating raw almonds primarily offers an energy boost, which may assist you evade an energy slump. You can also add some raw almonds to ice cream or yogurt to attain a tasty crunch. Explained below are the main benefits of consuming raw almonds.

1. Flavonoids
Raw almonds have high amounts of flavonoids, which are antioxidants that occur naturally in plants. They protect the plants from insects and when consumed by humans and animals, they assist to prevent radical damage. Over 20 various flavonoids are present in raw almonds, concentrated primarily on the skin, instead of the meat. That is why raw almonds are much healthier than their roasted counterparts.

2. Boost heart health
Since raw almonds are packed with monounsaturated fat, they play an essential role in promoting cardiovascular health and also health levels of cholesterol. Consuming these almonds in place of cookies or potato chips helps to manage cholesterol levels. The heart benefits are even larger when raw almonds are combined with other varieties of healthy foods. Harvard indicates that men may lessen the danger of experiencing cardiovascular problems through frequently eating raw almonds.

3. Weight management
The addition of raw almonds to a healthy nutrition can assist guard against weight gain. This is due to the fiber content of raw almonds. Fiber helps in weight management as it assists in keeping a person full in between meals. It also ensures that the bowel movements occur regularly. The protein and fat present in raw almonds encourage satisfaction also. Moreover, consuming raw almonds like a snack might reduce the unhealthy abdominal fat and lessen waist circumference.

However, since raw almonds have a relatively high content of calories, moderate consumption is recommended. Consuming these almonds in excess can therefore lead to noticeable weight gain.

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