Benefits Of Quran Surahs

Benefits of Quran Surahs

The Quaran is a holy book in the Islamic religion. It can be compared to the bible and contains various chapters which are known as surahs. The Quaran has 114 surahs. It is important to study, contemplate and recite the surahs of the Quaran for a Muslim. The Quaran is a great revelation which has many mysteries and various depths of understanding that need to be discovered. People who read the Quaran often can attest that it is an unending source of wisdom and information all which are important to the life of a human being. Below are more benefits of Quran Surahs.

1. Salvation from hell
Reciting the surah mulk saves the soul from hell. This surah is related to the sunans of Abu Dawud and Imam-al-Tirmidhi in regards to the authority of Hurairah. Reciting this surah helps to intercede for man until all his sins are pardoned. It helps to rescue individuals from the punishment that the grave offers for sinners.

2. Protection against evil
Reading and reciting Ayatul Kursi after prayers offers protection for one’s self, home and property against devils (shayatin). A believer who recites this can be guaranteed that he is always under the protection and care of Allah until he prays again. It also brings relief from difficult occasions and happenings to individuals who recite this surah. This surah also is a guarantee to a believer that he will enter paradise.

3. Offers relief to all illnesses
Certain surahs such as fatiha, darmi bahiqi have the power to rid your body off any kind of illnesses. This surah gives you protection from diseases and keeps you healthy.

Reading the Quaran in general is essential for all Muslims in order to gain knowledge, information and discipline. The above benefits cannot be achieved by individuals who do not read and practice the words of the Quaran.

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